About Us and our team


J.D. Nolin

J.D. Nolin is a retired law enforcement professional with thirty-three years’ experience working as a Florida Law Enforcement Officer. Twenty years plus years working in the criminal investigation division. He has investigative experience in homicides, robberies, burglaries, sexual assaults, theft, embezzlement, domestic abuse, drugs, traffic, and civil cases. He retired as a Major with his department. 


Jacob Nolin

Jacob Nolin is a retired law enforcement professional with the State of Florida as a Law Enforcement Officer. Prior to his career in law enforcement he was a corporate investigator for multiple corporations in which he specialized in forensic accounting, business auditing, and fraud examinations. There he was recognized multiple times leading the state in clearing both interior and external theft cases.  He also has a degree in Business Finance.  He has been a commission inspector for the Federal Government. 


Our Investigators and Staff

As a team, we uphold high standards in all our work and approach every investigation in a thoughtful, well-planned manner ensuring all state and federal laws, including privacy requirements, are upheld. Our team is unique in that we consist of retired military and law enforcement officers, a social worker, and a CPA who is also certified as a fraud examiner. We have a working relationship in the Southeast with the largest Anti-Organized Retail Crime Unit actively working multi-state federal investigations.  

While each of our investigators has specialized areas of strengths and expertise, our diversity allows us to proceed on an investigation from any angle. Our comprehensive approach sets us apart from other private investigators and makes Nolin, Nolin & Associates in Panama City the best agency in the Panhandle of Florida. 

We are established professionals that are respected for the work we do. We have established and maintain a network of contacts in law enforcement as well as government agencies at the county, state, and federal levels as while as investigators with large corporations. 


"Mr. Nolin identified, investigated and closed more internal cases than any other Regional Investigator each year and led the company in successful external case closure and prosecution conviction rates."

J. West - Divisional Loss Prevention Manager